Posted by: jagrag | January 25, 2010

I am Back!


It’s been more than a year I haven’t update my blog! There are a lot of changes in my live.

I am not single anymore.. I am married to a beautiful, cheerful, cherish woman. I finished my study, and now I am (ashamedly) a M.Eng. We moved to Bandung, a memorious city, place where I met my wife. I have a new job, a quite dream job actually, working in an engineering company, doing an engineering design, stress analysis, etc, an it’s in o&g domain.

I also have a new hobby: taking photo! I didn’t say photography :D, I am new in DSLR, so I just jeprat-jepret whenever I hold the camera and there is (I think) a good object to take. And the result: as good as pocket camera.. I am not saying that my DSLR ‘taking picture’ is as bad as pocket, but otherwise, my pocket camera ‘taking picture’ is as good as DSLR one. No, kidding, I’m still rookie in ‘taking picture’.

And the other thing is, I want to practice my English skill set and writing my next posts in English is a good way for me to drill my writing skill. I have no doubt that there will be a lot of grammar error, bla bla bla.. but I still want to try anyway. In the next post, I want to tell my analysis why dozens of middle eastern choose Malaysia as their second choice of study rather than Indonesia. It’s somehow related to the language skill.

You may comment my English posts in Bahasa of course. If you’re still shy to write in English, push yourself to write in English, let’s practice together. And if any of you find mistake or error in grammar, or anything in my English posts, your correction are welcomed.



  1. welcome back Peter Parker 🙂

    Let’s play soccer again this saturday …

  2. Macunyaa 😀 this is your beautiful, cheerful, cherish (?) wife :”D

    umm..I don’t think welcomed is actually a word (nerd)
    cmiiw..miaaw 😀

  3. hwaaaa.. postingnya memang once in a year atau gimana niii?

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